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You want to train me how? The Power of VR for Employee Training Programs

Virtual Reality provides such a wide range of applications for businesses that it’s simply not feasible to give proper credit within a single installment. We will definitely be talking a lot more about the benefits of VR in future posts. From companies using VR to help with their “wow factor” at trade shows to colleges using immersive experiences to facilitate the recruitment of future seasons’ star athletes, VR provides a compelling brand story that is no longer beyond reach. Some of the most innovative organizations are now integrating these experiences into both marketing and training programs all over the world… and it’s only getting more and more common.

Some of the world’s largest corporations have already taken advantage of VR in order to train their employees in a variety of innovative ways. Here’s a look at a couple we found really exciting, fun, and even outright creepy!

Walmart Virtual Reality in Academies.

Walmart, for example, has plans to update their 200 training centers with state of the art VR technology to enhance training for the 150,000 employees that will go through the program each year. The company’s VR training experience helps employees to make decisions in a variety of simulated work situations including management and dealing with customers during the busy Black Friday sales events.

Volkswagen Using HTC Vive for Global Training.

German car manufacturer Volkswagen is sending a VR module across its entire global operations to train employees in car manufacturing. This VR application was designed with a multi-user focus to enable unprecedented collaboration between all branches of VW including Audi and SEAT SKODA. Users learn to develop automobiles and communicate seamlessly with employees on the other side of the planet thanks to VR.

An example of KFC’s new VR employee training platform.

Finally, KFC just announced their new VR training experience, where a calm, but creepy voice of Colonel Sanders guides workers through the chicken cooking process inside an eerily bizarre “escape room” environment that just oozes with the overall aesthetics of the popular BioShock video game series. While this virtual training experience is both fun and chilling, it’s also highly efficient: the company claims their new VR platform cuts down training time by a whooping 60%, from 25 minutes down to 10!

These are just a few examples of how some of the world’s largest corporations have already taken advantage of VR to train incoming employees. There are a lot of compelling arguments for integrating VR technology into your training programs. Plus, combine the “cool factor” with a proven uptick in employee productivity and you’ll quickly understand why the world’s leading brands are moving towards VR for their next training initiatives.

You should, too! So, get in touch with us, and let’s figure out how we can create your own customized employee training solution powered by VR.


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