Foundry 45’s Brian O’Neal is Recreating Fabricated Worlds


Introducing the “Who’s Who @F45!” A spotlight on the employees that power the various aspects of the company. Today we’d like to introduce you to Brian O’Neal:

Brian is one of the lead developers here at Foundry 45. Unlike some of our other devs, he doesn’t have a traditional development background. Instead, a focus in mechanical engineering led Brian to working in the aerospace industry simulating spacecraft. After that, Brian transferred his skills to the video game industry, and eventually discovered a passion for Virtual Reality (VR) development when he joined Foundry 45.

In the video above, Brian explains that his previous skills translate very well towards VR. His aerospace engineering days had him “calculating the behavior of the world,” explains Brian. He’s been able to transfer those skills through working with VR; recreating the behavior of a fabricated world for others to learn and develop their skills. It’s no surprise that Brian’s favorite part of the development process is analyzing complex training procedures and implementing them in a virtual environment. To see for yourself some of the best VR experiences, check out our VR Case Studies.