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What Did We Learn About VR at SXSW 2017?

Recently, Foundry 45 helped the Metro Atlanta Chamber and the ChooseATL team showcase Atlanta through a Virtual Reality experience at the SXSW Job Market Expo in Austin, Texas. We used our trade show VR experience skills to build the Chamber an Atlanta VR Experience that showed what it’s like to Live, Work, and Play in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. SXSW attendees who put on our VR headsets were instantly transported from Austin to Atlanta.

The Chamber had the biggest booth on the floor. We were excited to be a sponsor, and the ChooseATL SXSW recruitment campaign created buzz for Atlanta’s thriving tech job market.

To learn more about the experience, please see this NPR article about our VR activation.

File_000 So, let’s get down to it. What did we learn about VR?

VR Was Everywhere

Yep, VR was everywhere — not just with VR companies plying their wares, but it was used by everyone from Home Depot to NASA for immersive messaging experiences. VR for flying, movies, activism, art, big data, health and so much more packed the event. Below, you’ll see three notable VR companies that are reshaping how users interact with full body motion and data.

New VR Accessories Offer Full Motion Input

Omni by Virtuix, a first-of-its-kind active virtual reality motion platform — Here we are walking through a new world


Birdly, the VR experience that fulfills the ancient dream of flying. (Yea, you missed out.)

VR Use Cases are More Visual and Interesting

In addition to the seeing a lot of branded trade show experiences and recruiting opportunities as mentioned above, we also saw interesting takes in areas like Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualization. We met with one company called DatavizVR. They are doing interesting work in bringing big data to life with HTC Vive. This space also has touch points with some of our newest initiatives.


Overall, SXSW 2017 was bigger and better than last year. We were honored to help represent our growing city, and we can’t wait to see what SXSW will be like in 2018.


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