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VRDayATL spawns VR Action for 2017

Bringing the virtual to reality, VRDayATL features Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality professionals and agencies sharing how the expanding VR category will scale, impact and generate revenue this year. Foundry 45 is building momentum and taking the groundbreaking ideas of the conference to develop new and exciting VR experiences.

As the Business VR Leader, Foundry 45 is helping companies use VR to power their sales; marketing, recruitment, and employee training efforts. In the “VR – What’s Next?” session at VRDayATL, Samsung Head of VR Marketing Bachir Zeroual says, “Enterprises will become the new fuel for #VR this year.”

Samsung - ZeBachir

This is a great message to hear from a VR leader like Samsung. Overall, the VR market is expected to grow to $25B by 2021. Foundry 45 is capitalizing on this trend by both working directly with corporate marketing teams and also partnering with agencies and production houses to help drive VR growth.

#VR in 2016 triggered investment and heighten interest to push for a VR category in the market. @SamsungUS Head of VR Marketing

Another way Foundry 45 is helping to drive the market is by strengthening the level of general VR awareness. Throughout the conference, we heard a recurring theme – clients are really interested in the VR experience, but they’re not sure how to translate their passion into ideas. Our team has put education at the forefront during the creative process and from there, we expand this knowledge to develop specific VR possibilities.

In the “Why VR?” session, Aireal Advisor Conal Bryne, Futurus CoFounder Annie Eaton, and Foundry 45 Managing Director Dave Beck talked about understanding VR and the future.

Dave Beck - Panel

“Now is the perfect time to get involved. It’s not too early where VR is unknown, but still early enough to make a mark.” @Foundry45 Dave Beck

Lastly, we’re here to bridge the gap between hype and adoption. In 2017, the VR concept will still remain new among new customers, but awareness on a personal level will become increasingly mass marketed. So this year is the opportune time to make your mark by creating captivating content, researching cross-discipline concepts, and expanding your own perception of the VR category.

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For a more information regarding the VRDayATL sessions you can start with the VR in Atlanta Panel Video.


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