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Great to catch up with Tim Patterson from Tradeshow Guy about Virtual Reality (VR) opportunities for trade show events. Here, we break down the many uses of virtual reality that any company can use to create an immersive brand experience. We first dive into the types of VR, content creation, and finally the ROI from a 360-degree experience. Read the highlights or watch the full video below.

Types of VR
We’ve categorized the range of VR headsets into two buckets: mobile-based headsets that operate untethered using a mobile phone for screen and processing, and PC-based headsets that plug into a full computer for the VR processing power. Each category of headset has it’s own pros and cons, and are therefore appropriate for different use cases.

Mobile-based headsets

  • Pair goggles with a mobile smartphone
  • Utilize a headset processor to render graphics through a mobile device
  • Samsung Gear VR partners with Oculus for a more in depth experience using Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone.
  • Google Cardboard is another headset but is less expensive than the Samsung partnership. This option is great for direct branding, branded merchandise options, and branded mobile applications for users to enjoy.

PC-based headsets

  • Room Scale – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift
  • This headset uses a powerful gaming computer, and is a bit more expensive than its counterparts due to its highly immersive qualities.
  • Tilt brush by Google places users in a room filled with their own imagination to freely paint.

What will the Content Do for My Company?

  • Build excitement and draw a captivated crowd
  • Become the best medium for people to listen to an immersive message using 3D graphics
  • Takes your company from an on a screen video to endless branding possibilities.

Content Creation

  • Light Customization – Construct custom experience with existing stock footage to tell a brand story
  • Linear VR – Create custom story and custom video filmed on site, which is more powerful and specific to the target customer
  • Choose Your Own Adventure – Users choose their own path with multiple created experiences that illustrate multiple value propositions in the VR experience.

How are the 3D graphics generated?
A variety of approaches can be taken, depending on the desired results and budget. You can rely on the experienced staff at Foundry 45 to work their magic and bring your experience to life!

Here’s Why the VR Experience is Good for Your Company

  • Generates personal and brand excitement
  • Fosters stronger awareness and customers become immersed in messaging that creates higher quality in leads for companies. (Client Feedback)
  • Data shows companies increase trade show visits by 30% each year while using VR experiences as opposed to other forms of brand messaging.

VR Product Look
Some of our clients work with heavy machinery like large pumps, compressors and industrial equipment that can weigh thousands of pounds. They have successfully used VR to share equipment and factory tours at significant cost savings over their previous approaches. By foregoing a 50×50 trade show booth and product shipment fees, our clients instead use a VR experience in a smaller booth to translate stronger value propositions with greater ROI.

Let’s talk about how your company can benefit from working with Foundry 45 for your next VR experience!


Foundry 45 is The Business VR Leader. We create immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for mobile platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, iOS Cardboard Headsets, Android Cardboard Headsets. Foundry 45 helps businesses step into their brand story by using dynamic 360-degree video and VR app creation. Our marketing and recruiting approach captures customer experience desires and emphasize product value. We also partner with existing video production studios, advertising agencies, and other content creators to serve as their VR technical consultants and developer shop.

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