VR Training Highlights From the 2018 Innovations in Training Conference

VR Training Loomed Large at this Year’s 2018 Training Conference and Expo

This years Training Conference and Expo took place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta where hundreds gathered from all over the world to see what new and innovative technology will transform the training industry in 2018. The Foundry 45 team supported the conference by sponsoring the full-day exhibition at the Congress Center and its “Innovations in Training” event, where VR Training was a large part of the agenda this year.

Similar to the Expo the day before, the full-day “Innovations in Training” field trip took guests to several large Atlanta-based corporations that are already using VR and other forms of technology in their training curriculum. We visited the corporate offices of UPS and Delta where we had the opportunity to dive into their training programs and simulation experiences. Hosted by Southface, an Atlanta-based organization focused on environmental conservation and sustainability, the conference came to a close with an educational wine tasting, dinner and more VR experiences from the Foundry 45 team.

vr training event

The Green Roof on the top of Southface’s sustainability building

One interesting business we saw at the Expo was Tobii Pro, a company specializing in Eye-Tracking technology for use in PC gaming, interface functionality, and data collection. The company’s eye tracking technology may be implemented into standard computers, third party devices, and even wearable technologies. We had the chance to check out their demonstration where they displayed a heat map drawn from eye tracking in a VR environment.

Tobii Pro shows off eye tracking with heat maps

Further into the Innovations in Training sessions, we learned about UPS and how they are leveraging the power of VR Training to educate drivers on minimizing accidents. Drivers are immersed in a training experience for 3-6 minutes at a time, as they identify potential hazards and learn the awareness skills that are crucial for the job. This replicated VR experience makes training cheaper and allows trainees to make mistakes and learn from them in a virtual environment as opposed to on the road. UPS has stated they plan on expanding towards even more immersive training for the company in the future.

In addition, we explored Delta’s advanced training methods including full flight simulators, procedural simulators, motion based simulators and more! We met with representatives of Delta to discuss how they invest their training innovation dollars, what makes for a great training simulation, and how VR Training can be used to improve results.

The Foundry 45 team testing one of Delta’s training simulators

The training conference was a wonderful way to congregate with professionals within various industries to discuss the future of VR Training. After several days of speaking with attendees from across many different industries, it is undeniable that  “learning immersion” is the focal point when it comes to corporate training and as VR technology keeps improving, it will only solidify its place as a budget-friendly method for spatial captivation and procedural employee training.

Enthralled user demoing Foundry 45 VR experiences



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