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Virtual Reality for Recruiting

Many colleges and some companies are starting to turn to Virtual Reality to help recruit new students, athletes and employees. Virtual Reality (VR) lets prospects feel what it’s like to be on-location through a VR Viewer.


Athlete experiencing Virtual Reality tour

By sharing their world through VR, brands not only get to be associated with high-tech new technology, but also get several dollar and time-saving benefits:

  • Show prospects the facility without paying for travel
  • Help convince prospects an in-person visit is worthwhile (many high school football recruits only have a limited number of official visits to choose between)
  • On-site, helps save time by showing some areas only in VR (dorms, classrooms, far-off buildings)
  • Prospects get to see exciting events that don’t necessarily fall on their visit (big rivalry game, annual company meeting or charity event, etc.)
Gear VR and Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers

Gear VR and Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers

The two most popular viewer platforms now available are Google Cardboard and Samsung’s Gear VR. Both use a smartphone as the display and specialized VR apps to immerse the viewer in a different world.

Gear VR is a higher-end experience and is great for face-to-face meetings with prospects, whether on-site or off-site. Cardboard, is much lower cost, and can be custom-branded and given to prospects as a mailing or giveaway after a visit. This way they can let family and friends also see what it’s like on-location.

branded Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers

branded Google Cardboard virtual reality viewers

From a New York Times article recently published  about several schools starting to utilize VR for recruiting:

“Kids are trying to get all over the world to go see universities; you’ve got to bring your university to them and give them a reason to come look closer,” Kansas Coach David Beaty said.

WSB TV in Atlanta recently did a story about Immersive Recruiting during the evening news. You can see a version of the piece online at

At Foundry 45, we can help record 360 content, create a branded viewer app, and provide guidance on how to convey a message through VR. Contact us with any questions or to learn more.