Training Magazine Webinar Recap

As part of our public outreach program, Foundry 45 regularly presents on topics that matter to the business community. We recently had the opportunity to share our knowledge of VR education in a webinar presented by Training Magazine Network. Founding Partner Dave Beck shared new insights on virtual reality training solutions with a focus on methods for teaching different age groups through the use of immersive technologies.


If you’d like to view the full webinar, you can watch it here for free with registration.



Training and instruction professionals from across the country joined in to be a part of the interactive presentation. The conversation started around the issue of training a changing workforce with VR, but our audience was eager to discuss every part of virtual reality training.


Randall Ulrich, an IT trainer for the Southern Nevada Health District, noted that VR education has great potential to teach anatomy, and started a discussion about VR’s accessibility to the disabled. Other participants reached out to talk about VR social skills training for health professionals, VR education in office settings, and VR training for public speaking.


Thanks to Gary, Adam and the entire Training Magazine Network for giving us a space to discuss VR education. Keep an eye out for more Foundry 45 events in the future!