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The ROI Potential of a VR Experience

If you’ve been following our blog, you may already know Foundry 45 is an Atlanta Virtual Reality (VR) firm that has emerged as one of the most active in the Southeast. We host a long list of clients that range from smaller businesses to Fortune 500 corporations like AT&T, and U.S. Bank, and we have VR experiences for all budget levels. We can vouch for the efficacy of our VR experiences made for marketing purposes as we’ve had clients return from trade shows citing a 33% increase in leads generated thanks to their tailored VR experience. If you want to see how well some of our experiences turned out, please check out our case studies. If you are a firm that is thinking about a way to boost your marketing efforts, I would say you are in the ROIght place.

Artist rendition of some clients after using one of our VR experiences

Most importantly, Virtual Reality can cut down on recurring marketing costs while increasing client engagement. Being able to transport the user to a completely different environment allows for a new world of possibilities as far as recruitment and sales go. In terms of sales, why spend a huge sum of money to transport equipment and acquire a large trade show booth when all you need is a VR headset and a phone to stand out and effectively take the user to your product? In terms of recruitment, you can take your office or business anywhere as many times as you’d like with a VR experience instead of continually eating costs to have people visit you. A one-time investment in a VR experience is an effective way to reduce recurring costs of outdated techniques.

Georgia Tech can attest to this as Foundry 45 has enhanced their recruiting practices by creating VR experiences for their football team, basketball team, College of Computing and other academic programs.

“My whole thing when I got this job, I told our staff, ‘We need to be able to do on-campus visits in their home… And so what [Foundry 45] has done has allowed us to simulate an on-campus tour, being at our game, or in our locker room while we are sitting in [the recruit’s] home 5,000 miles away from the actual campus.'”

 GT Men’s Basketball Head Coach Josh Pastner

In addition to stimulating students while reducing recruiting costs as Coach Pastner refers to above, investing in a VR experience can help modernize your brand’s image. Updating your marketing tactics to keep pace with emerging media definitely resonates with your clientele. People are eager to consume unique, quality VR content as opposed to commonplace 2D videos that are easier to come by. While novelty alone doesn’t guarantee an effective marketing strategy, accessing the unique strengths of a new medium before your competition does will undoubtedly yield positive results.

VR experiences are so immersive that they are akin to memories” according to Rob Holzer, digital marketer. As a result, if you choose to market your brand through such an experience, whoever uses it will walk away with a lasting image of your business. Don’t leave your potential customers like Gandalf.

To conclude, an investment in a Virtual Reality experience from Foundry 45 leads to returns by:

  • Reducing costly alternatives (transporting products, paying for large trade show booths, taking prospects to physical locations, etc.)
  • Making viewers remember your message
  • Modernizing your brand image
  • Increasing viewer engagement
  • Increasing leads
  • Isolating yourself from your competition
  • Shelving outdated techniques

Your customers once they see your VR experience


Foundry 45 is the business VR leader. We create immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for mobile platforms including iOS Cardboard Headsets, Android Cardboard Headsets, and Samsung Gear VR. Foundry 45 helps businesses step into their brand story by using dynamic 360video and VR app creation. Our marketing and recruiting approach captures customer experience desires and emphasize product value. We also partner with existing video production studios, advertising agencies, and other content creators to serve as their VR technical consultants and developer shop.

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