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Press Release – New Office

ATLANTA, January 15, 2017 – Atlanta-based virtual reality agency Foundry 45 recently announced it will be moving to Atlanta’s new technology hub for creative media, film and immersive technologies. The company has set up shop on the 2nd floor of Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII), which is located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta right next to Woodruff Park.

Georgia State’s goal is to foster a collaborative environment where local businesses can tap into the new talent entering the creative media markets. The facilities offer partners cutting edge spaces to build, develop, and hone their creative skills. Foundry 45 is one of the first businesses to sign with CMII. Going forward, they will be joined by other innovative companies engaged in the audio, video, film and extended realities spaces.

“CMII is an ideal partner for digital media and creative industry enterprises working with the latest tools and technology,” states Elizabeth Strickler, Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CMII) at Georgia State University. “The institute offers training in emerging technologies such as 360-degree filmmaking, virtual and augmented reality, gaming concepts, esports, and motion capture. We’re thrilled to have Foundry 45 as one of our in-house creative ventures in residence as they will enrich our efforts of building a national model for media entrepreneurship and collaborating with partners to better serve our diverse student body.”

Due to widespread awareness of virtual and augmented reality technologies in 2017, Foundry 45 along with a number of partners in the Atlanta community have experienced an increase of VR-enabled, room-scale corporate training and marketing projects. Outgrowing its space in Grant Park, the CMII facility in downtown Atlanta provides the team a unique and exciting space for future growth, collaboration and a direct path to new talent.    

“We have been looking to expand our office beyond Grant Park for some time now and when we found out what Georgia State was doing, we had to jump in,” states Dave Beck, Managing Partner of Foundry 45. “The facility is amazing. From the huge NanoLumens screen when you first walk into the lobby, to the motion & volumetric capture studio, to the dedicated room-scale virtual reality rooms, it’s the perfect space to collaborate, develop, and show off our VR work. The large co-working space also allows us to scale up our workforce as we grow.”

ABOUT CMII (Creative Media Industries Institute)

The Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII) has three core missions. First, the institute organizes advanced technology media and arts training so Georgia State students are prepared to start careers in the entertainment and information industries. Second, CMII is building a model to nurture media entrepreneurs. Third, the focus is on industry collaboration – especially concentrated on the film and TV production, music industries and game design sectors – to generate research and economic development.

These three missions connect to the new CMII media content creation center and each is the focus of one of its three floors. CMII faculty members have deep and broad experience in the creative industries and they share their knowledge and industry connections with students. Formal partnerships to accomplish CMII goals are set in motion with regional media companies and educational partners, including the Georgia Film Academy.


Foundry 45 is The Business VR Leader. The company creates immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for several platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, iOS Cardboard Headsets, Android Cardboard Headsets. Foundry 45 helps businesses build VR tools for training, sales & marketing, and recruiting efforts. Foundry 45 also partners with existing video production studios, advertising agencies, and other content creators to serve as their VR technical consultants and development partner.

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