Interview: L&D Trade Secrets for Successful Training Programs

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Foundry 45’s Dave Beck Interviews Mitch Weiss, VP of Client Services at Caveo Learning

From picking the right training format to tracking the right metrics, a lot of ingredients go into your employee training program. Whether you decided to use a new learning method like VR training or a more traditional approach such as a classroom setting or video, it takes a lot to get it right.

To understand what it takes to make a training program successful, we interviewed Mitch Weiss, VP of Client Services at Caveo Learning.

As a learning strategy company, Caveo is an expert at helping organizations move the needle on performance goals. In this insightful interview, Mitch delves into the ins and outs of a successful corporate training program. Take a listen to learn about:

  • The importance of instructional design and the use of technology
  • KPIs L&D professionals should be measuring
  • Role of engagement and its connection to retention
  • Keys to demonstrating training value to the leadership team
  • How to overcome common roadblocks to program design
  • Upcoming trends impacting L&D professional

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