FOUNDRY 45s – S04E12 – Don Taylor


Penn State

Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we’re excited to have Don Taylor, chair at the Learning Technologies Conference. Hey, Don, what’s a common misconception about using VR for training?

Dave, I’m going to give you not one but three misconceptions in 45 seconds. The first is that it’s technically complicated. It’s not simple, but it’s so much easier than it was three years ago. They’re not tethered to wires anymore, and rooms can be set up really fast. That’s a huge breakthrough. Second misconception you need very expensive coders to make it happen. Actually, increasingly, content is available at a low cost and can be delivered by people whose skills are there. The skills base generally out there is growing. The third one is that it’s just for technical hand based skills. No, that’s not so. If it’s a growing trend in VR to use it to develop soft skills and interpersonal skills.