FOUNDRY 45s – S04E09 – Elizabeth Strickler



Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we’re excited to have Elizabeth Strickler Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation at GSU and expert on all things metaverse. Hey Elizabeth, is all the current hype about the metaverse warranted, and why should we care?

Yeah, you know, I mean, I think it’s like saying was all the hype around the internet warranted, and I think we all care. And it’s the way that we, you know, communicate with each other. It’s the way that we collaborate with each other. It is now the way that many of us make our living. So why should we care about the metaverse is that it’s our new world. It’s like the “Go West Young Man”. So now we’ve gone, if you go far enough west, you hit the metaverse. And here we are, and this is where we’re all sharing ideas and sharing concepts and building new worlds. So we’re running out of land and so the metaverse is sort of the new land.