FOUNDRY 45s – S04E07 – Brian Parzer


Lufthansa Cargo

Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we have Brian Parzer, Product Manager of Training at Lufthansa Cargo. Hey Brian, what barriers do you typically see to an enterprise wide VR training deployment? And how do you overcome them?

Hi, Dave. I’m happy to answer that question. Immediately two barriers come to my mind.

One I see is the acceptance meaning the acceptance by those from corporate headquarters all the way down to the user. In general, there needs to be a general evolution where people see the massive amount of benefits for those doing basic or high skilled jobs are learning it through virtual reality.

The second barrier are the stakeholders. And I have a model and this is I believe in talk the talk and walk the walk meaning without the funds from the stakeholders, we can create the best virtual reality trainings we ever thought of and they will fall on deaf ears. So first thing you need to do is make a solid case to prove the return on investment. So let’s talk to talk. And then you need to provide an amazing product, put it on the table with results that will allow the stakeholders and that’s walk the walk.