FOUNDRY 45s – S04E04 – James Watson


XRTech Marketing

Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we have James Watson, founder of XRTech marketing. Hi, James, what barriers do you typically see to an enterprise-wide VR training deployment, and how can you overcome them?

I actually think the biggest barrier is fear of the unknown, which is a pretty hard thing to overcome. My favorite term borrowed from a great book, Crossing The Chasm, is ‘discontinuous innovation’. You know, people don’t have anything to really sort of reference implementing VR, particularly for training with. You know, they’re not replacing, they’re not grading. This is new. And I think that fear of the unknown is a real challenge because people are worried that if they, you know, implement a big VR training program – what if it goes wrong? Are they going to lose their job? And so I think there is a big education piece to come in here from anyone in the industry to help people understand, you know, how to take the risk out of it, why they should be doing it, what the benefits are. So and that education takes time. So I think that will happen over the coming years. And that will then sort of slowly move away from that sort of fear factor.