FOUNDRY 45s – S04E01 – Elizabeth Strickler



Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. We’re here in season 4. We’re super excited to have Elizabeth Strickler, Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation from GSU and an expert on all things metaverse. Hey, Elizabeth, the question on everyone’s mind: what is the metaverse?

Well, I’m still questioning that myself. And I think we’ll be questioning that for a while. But, you know, the easiest answer is just the metaverse is a mirror world of our in-real-life world. So, and I think that we’ve, you know, we’re kind of halfway there in the metaverse already. It’s just that it’s not as fully immersive or fully imagined as it could be. So we’re all building it and what it’s gonna be sort of depends on all of us. So one of the things I like to say is that when somebody refers to the metaverse or refers to training refers to teaching or refers to shopping, like imagine what you do in the real world, and then imagine how you could see it in the virtual world. And then think about the things that you want to replicate, but then also think about all the things you don’t want to replicate that could be done better. Or, you know, a world that would be better