FOUNDRY 45s – S03E10 – James Watson


XRTech Marketing

Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we have James Watson, founder of XRTech Marketing. Hey, James! What’s a common misconception people have about how VR can best be used for training?

I actually think one of the biggest misconceptions, which is slightly obtuse, is the fact that a lot of companies think their employees are happy with the training they’ve got. So I think the misconception is that they can carry on doing what they’re doing and expect employees to settle for it, and also to find it effective. So, you know, that is a broader issue to address, I think, across the industry. But you know, some of the other standard misconceptions are that it’s incredibly expensive – it isn’t, and if you look at the PwC report they did a couple of years ago, now, they proved that actually it can be as economical as classroom training or desktop training. So that’s a big misconception. Then you have the classic of you know, nausea, once again, that’s really…if you get car sick or motion sickness, you might feel sick in VR. If not, you won’t. So it’s pretty standard. So you know that there’s quite a few and once again, we need to sort of help educate people as to why these misconceptions need to be put in a drawer and left alone.