FOUNDRY 45s – S03E09 – Mark Grob



Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we have Mark Grob, Head of Immersive Technologies at UPS. Hey Mark! Upskilling and reskilling are more important than ever. Where do you see VR training having the most impact in those areas?

I see VR training having the most impact, obviously, in any sort of training that is, say, procedural, repetitive, and has high frequency. So the beauty of VR is it’s really just a click of a button, and now you’ve reset rescaled and you’re ready to go. To me, that’s a huge value add for any organization. So, any area of training where it receives benefit from the repetition. VR is a gem, it’s a must. Other areas, obviously, also are: when it comes to training and the material cost to actually do the training, it is very expensive, right? The beauty of VR is it’s virtual, there is no cost, right? So those are kind of the two areas where, whenever we’re internally designing solutions, those are what we call the “no-brainers” right away.