FOUNDRY 45s – S03E08 – Brian Parzer


Lufthansa Cargo

Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we have Brian Parzer, Product Manager – Training at Lufthansa Cargo. Hey Brian, great to have you. Have you seen VR training used in upskilling and reskilling, and can you give us an example?

Hi Dave. I’ve definitely seen virtual reality training to be used in upskilling and reskilling, definitely also in my team and for the products I manage. Right now I’m doing a project where I want to use virtual reality for upskilling and/or reskilling of our sales agents. What I want to do is create an avatar with human-like mimics, gestures, and voice. The avatar will be reacting to the sales agent as if it was a real sales visit at the customer’s facility. By doing this, we are trying to cut travel time down by at least a half a day per training or per agent, and by doing that we should be able to save approximately a quarter-million euros yearly. So with this type of training, besides giving a lifelike hair-raising training to the participants or the agents that need it, we are also saving the company some funds and again – I believe in return on investment and that’s definitely something you can put on the table for the stakeholders. Those numbers would definitely ring some people’s ears.