FOUNDRY 45s – S03E06 – Jon Bowers



Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s, where we give you 45 seconds of training insights from leaders around the world. Today we have Jon Bowers from UPS. Jon, what barriers do you typically see to an enterprise-wide VR training deployment, and how do you overcome them?

So for me, there’s three main barriers that I see when we talk about enterprise-wide VR training deployment. The first is obviously the cost of hardware. So something a little bit outside of my control, but we are seeing it come down significantly as that market continues to grow so I’m really happy to see that. The second is adoption of new technology. Newer devices are certainly making it easier for us to facilitate VR. They’re easier to use. Facilitators can train a little bit quicker on them. But there’s still those people that are a little skeptical. And they’ve never used some of the equipment before. Usually, the best way to handle that situation is just to get them in a headset. And the last one is just speed to delivery. So we have a pretty small, immersive technology group at UPS. But we’re trying to grow that. So really, the way we’ve handled that so far is just reaching out to great partners like you guys at Foundry 45 to help us create content and deploy content quicker than we would be able to do on our own