FOUNDRY 45s – S03 – Recap


Recap of Where We Are

We just finished Season 3 of Foundry 45s – wow! The idea was simple: have interesting leaders from around the world offer short nuggets of wisdom. And those leaders really delivered. Just this season, we had interesting folks on from places like:

UPS: The beauty of VR is it’s really just a click of a button, and now you’ve reset, rescaled and you’re ready to go. To me, that’s a huge value add for any organization.

Southern Company: You can have VR create malfunctions and see how the users and employees are actually going to react to different situations, which is difficult to do when you’re taking a test or sitting in a classroom.

Lufthansa:It is clear that virtual reality (VR) is an emotional amplifier, whether it’s positive or negative. And no other training that I know of has a method that can compete with this.

Season 4 of Foundry 45s begins in October and episodes will air every Tuesday at 2. Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn so that you never miss an episode. And you can always check out seasons 1 through 3 on our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you soon with Season 4. Cheers!