FOUNDRY 45s – S02E13 – Brandon Carson


Delta Air Lines

Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s, where we give you 45 seconds of insights from training leaders around the world. Today we have Brandon Carson from Delta Air Lines. Brandon, what barriers do you typically see to an enterprise-wide VR training deployment, and how do you overcome them?

Hey Dave, thanks for the question. Obviously, the first thing I’m going to think about is scalability. So where and how will VR be used across the enterprise? How do you integrate and maintain the hardware and software? Who owns it, L&D? Or IT? Or do you share that ownership? Do you have a vendor partnership in the model? Regardless of the size of your organization, new technology integration can be challenging. It’s critical to implement small pilots, see the results, work on the change management with key stakeholders, get their buy-in, let their voice be heard, and then determine the best way to scale as you iterate the solution. The biggest thing we’re looking at across our 350 airports we operate in: how would we scale that across those airports? Do we want to centralize into some specific training centers where we control more of the experience? Those are the questions to ask yourself as you determine how you’re going to build it out for all the audiences you support.