FOUNDRY 45s – S02E12 – Jon Bowers



Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s, where we give you 45 seconds of insights from training leaders around the world. Today we have Jon Bowers from UPS. Jon, where do you see training organizations getting the most value out of VR?
You know, it might seem a bit counterintuitive for newer technology, but I actually see the most value just coming out of an opportunity to save costs. So when we create VR opportunities, we create an experiential learning environment that really allows us to lower cost of physical assets, travel for students, and of course, inherent safety concerns that we have in on-job training. The mobility of the medium allows us to reach audiences all around the world, and provide a consistent and engaging learning experience with pretty much little or no facilitation depending on how we set it up. And if you think about the impact that has on onboarding new employees, for instance, we can now have them prepared for on-job before they ever physically show up to one of our facilities. Whether it’s just navigating the warehouse or completing a standard set of processes, or even seeing the job being done correctly. We’re able to do that now. In a way we never have before.