FOUNDRY 45s – S02E11 – Alexandra Hinds



Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we’re excited to have Alexandra Hinds, Creative Designer and Immersive Learning Guru at Walmart. Hey Alexandra, I understand you’re passionate about gamified learning. What challenges do you see in that space?

We are currently seeing a lot of challenges in that space because it’s a very interesting space to be in at the moment. One of the things is that there are a lot of misconceptions about what gamified learning is and what it isn’t. There’s gamification, they’re serious games, and there’s pointification. A lot of times you see people taking the same sort of goals and goal points and just adding a point system to it and calling it a game. The reality is that this isn’t a game. If we are going to be trying to direct people to towards specific behaviors, then there needs to be careful design at every step of the process to ensure not only is it aligning with learning objectives, but that it is also enjoyable to play on its own – that it has intrinsic play value.