FOUNDRY 45s – S02E09 – Amir Khorram



Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we have Amir Khorram, Vice President at HTC Vive. Hey, Amir, are there any specific types of training you believe work best in VR?

Yeah, great question, Dave. So I think early on as we started to grow VR in the enterprise space, we saw a lot of training applications in manufacturing and automotive and a lot of manual labor roles where precision and tracking and repetition was really critical in maintaining safety in the work environment. And I’d say over the last year or so we’ve seen a big influx in soft skills training applications. Whether its internal HR, its customer-facing roles, and being able to deploy all in one headsets and continue to evolve the content that’s being delivered, have really intersected I think in a strong way.