FOUNDRY 45s – S02E05 – Brandon Carson


Delta Air Lines

Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s where we give you 45 seconds of insights from training leaders around the world. Today we have Brandon Carson from Delta Air Lines. Brandon, what are you doing to keep your training relevant in these COVID times?

So as you can imagine, Dave, the airline industry has been hit pretty hard with this COVID-19 and the pandemic. Immediately, we were called to a seat at the table to help with business continuity. Obviously, we’re an essential function, so we must keep operating, and we must keep operating safely for the customers that are flying. So, we’ve had to pivot really quickly to figure out how to do more live virtual training. A lot of our training is actually in the airports, on the ground. So it was quite an interesting challenge for us to make sure that we can continue qualifying the people that work at Delta on the skills they need to safely keep the operation going. We pivoted really quickly to live virtual and started doing a lot of our qualification that way because we have to keep people qualified. We’ve been doing a lot of cross-training and cross-utilization as people move into different roles. So live virtual has been a savior for us, it’s been great. We’re doing this training for airports all over the world. We’ll see going forward how much of this we keep versus boots on the ground in the airport.