FOUNDRY 45s – S01E08 – Carolyn Dickerson from WestRock

Welcome to Foundry 45s, where we give you 45 seconds of insight from training leaders around the world. Today we have Carolyn Dickerson from WestRock. Carolyn, there’s a huge need for effective and efficient training right now. What opportunities do you see to use technology to develop your team skills?

One of the skill sets we’re looking at are the skill sets of our leaders. We are trying to move our thinking from looking at leadership skills as a soft skill into a technical skill. And once we do that, we can then create scenarios and situations that allow managers to practice, and if they practice, can they put themselves in the place of their employees to get a sense of how their decisions impact their team’s ability to be productive? And can they also get some intelligence about what their leadership skills really are? Then they can see where they sit on the spectrum, and then they can start to develop themselves even more. When we get a sense for where we sit with our leadership teams, that just lifts everyone