FOUNDRY 45s – S01E03 – Jon Bowers from UPS

Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s, where we give you 45 seconds of insights from training leaders around the world. Today we have John Bowers from UPS. John, what’s a common misconception people have about how L&D (Learning & Development) is evolving in 2020?

I call this the “magic pill fallacy”. So there’s this belief or desire that there’s one training event or one training modality that’s going to solve all of our problems, educate an entire workforce, and improve the bottom line. And of course, that dismisses how people learn and forces really learning into this box of isolated trainings rather than an educational experience. It does little more than really check a box and it makes learning an outcome and not really a behavior. For the audience it proves to make that experience this disconnected and really ends up being an irrelevant type of training and it really doesn’t stick. So we really need better design of learning tracks, we need to educate our leadership on outcomes and ultimately, maybe a bit more patience on the way that we consume our training.