FOUNDRY 45s – S01E00 – Dave Beck from Foundry 45

Hi, and welcome to Foundry 45s, where we give you 45 seconds of insight from training leaders around the world. Today, we’re delighted to have Dave back from Foundry 45. Dave, what can you tell us about this new interview series?

Great question Dave, and thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to have me here today. You know, training is more important now than ever given the current situation, and Foundry 45 wants to shine a light on the amazing people that are working in this space. So, we started a new vlog series called Foundry 45s, where we’ll interview L&D leaders from interesting places like Delta, UPS, and WestRock. Sometimes we’ll talk about VR training, and sometimes we’ll talk about wider topics in L&D. New episodes later every Tuesday at 2, and be sure to follow me so that you’ll know when they go live. Thanks, and be well.