Foundry 45’s Newest Partner

ATLANTA—It’s a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day at Foundry 45! Dana Xavier Dojnik, an immersive technology leader with 20+ years of experience, has been named partner at Foundry 45, the VR Training and Business Leaders.

Before joining Foundry 45, Dana spent the first 15 years of her career in advertising and consulting in New York for iconic brands like Lockheed Martin, Ford Motor Company, Liz Claiborne, and Starwood. Upon moving to Atlanta in 2006, she joined 22squared as VP of Interactive Operations and then moved over to BBDO Atlanta to build out their digital team working on campaigns for REI, American Cancer Society, Georgia Pacific and AT&T. Dana also spearheaded all of the photography, video, and innovation for six years at IHG before coming aboard as the first female partner at Foundry 45.

Dana is a nationally accomplished keynote speaker/moderator who’s talks have occurred at SXSW, Social Fresh, WorldIADay and PRSA. She is a member of the Invest Atlanta’s Creative Industries Advisory Board and will have her directorial debut this year releasing her first 360 degree film, Growing New Roots for DIG, Development In Gardening at FutureXLive in April. Nationally, she is a six-time century cyclist with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and locally was on the founding board that created the Grant Park Farmers Market.

“Immersive technologies like VR and AR are paving the way to the future for us all. The opportunity that lies ahead for Foundry 45 in this space is incredible, and I am deeply honored to join forces with the founding partners” Dojnik said. “By focusing on innovation in the training space and collaborative partnerships within key industries, we will continue the strong growth we have seen over the past few years.” Dojnik also adds, “As the Mom of both a daughter and a son, I am proud to show them that ‘Moms’ can be both successful at home and in their professional careers. It takes a lot of hard work, honest communication and a great amount of support.”

“Foundry 45 is excited to welcome Dana Xavier Dojnik as a partner. She offers a unique combination of technical acumen and creative skill that greatly strengthens our ability to provide innovative VR/AR solutions to our clients. Dana also has a deep connection to Atlanta and a passion for giving back to the community. She’s a huge asset to our team,” shares Dave Beck, Managing Partner.

Dojnik’s appointment as a partner at Foundry 45 is part of their strategic plan, aimed at elevating females in the technology and leadership space. This hire, along with the recent additions of  two top female VR developers (Evie Rain and Linda Zhang), aligns with Foundry 45’s focus on innovation, creativity and immersive technology as part of metro Atlanta’s vital growth of the regional economy.