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Graduate Recruitment spanning across the U.S.

Graduate Recruitment spanning across the U.S.

The Linear VR service creates custom stories and custom videos filmed on site to produce a powerfully immersive experience. This is different from Light Customization since the entire virtual reality production is fully developed branded content.

Linear VR is great for pinpointing a specific target customer. This service showcases the essence of your brand by customizing all aspects within the virtual reality journey.

The prospect is able to experience your brand in any given place in the world. The options of extending your brand become limitless in design and reach.

Here’s what we do.

Our team develops a storyboard that best fits your needs and brings excitement to the brand. This is something new, and we specialize in taking branded content to the next level by adding more senses to the project.

After storyboarding, we travel to your site to film and capture the true meaning of your brand that will soon be reflected in the post-production phase. Afterward, we come back to the Foundry 45 studio and construct a VR application.

Linear VR is for the client who wants to venture farther to create a brand encompassing experience that guarantees brand immersion without breaking the budget.

Georgia Tech VR

Linear VR Case Study

Georgia Tech’s Scheller Business College virtually transported prospective MBA students directly to the campus by using a Foundry 45 Linear VR experience. Prospective students spanned the country including Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C., among others.

Georgia Tech, Scheller College of Business Director of Marketing and Communications Todd Ervin tapped into a new engagement platform for Georgia Tech.

“Our VR app has been a huge success and was the driving force behind a 22% increase in social media following for 2016. Prospective students and alumni love it, and it certainly differentiates us from the other schools out there. In fact, we just saw that a peer school is copying our VR experience from last year at SXSW this year.”

Our managing partners are Georgia Tech MBA Alumni, and they were extremely proud to work on this project for their alma mater.

You can read more about the Georgia Tech Linear VR experience here. You can also download the experience for Google Cardboard on iPhones and Android devices. Finally, the experience can be viewed here on YouTube 360.


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