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Foundry 45 Services: Light Customization VR

Foundry 45 provides immersive services to create a stress-free and extremely exciting Virtual Reality (VR) experience. We understand VR is limitless which can be tough when defining a project’s direction. Foundry 45 focuses on three immersive experiences: Light Customization, Linear VR and Choose Your Own Adventure. Take a journey through our first experience tier.

Light Customization constructs custom experiences with existing stock footage to tell your brand story.
Sutherland Foundry 45 VR Experience

A Light Customization experience is the most powerful and economical branded VR experience for in-person events. It produces immediate brand attention, supplies affordable VR headsets, and generates stronger customer leads. Our immersive experience includes:

  • 60-90 second experience
  • Gear VR and/or Google Cardboard development
  • Two Gear VR systems and the option to rent additional units

Journey through the Light Customization Experience
Begins in a dark, 360 degree environment with customer’s brand logo and a “Look Here” button every 120 degrees that the user can select using a gaze-based selection tool to start the experience. The user is transported to the first 360video and voiceover such as, “Welcome to the YOUR NAME VR Experience! We help you lead the industry!” (Actual copy to be determined during engagement.)

The user then experiences two to three different 360 stock videos (about 30 seconds each). At the end of the experience, the voiceover shares a final touch such as, “We’re YOUR NAME. We find the solutions to your biggest challenges.” (Again, actual copy to be determined during engagement.) Fades to black and after a few seconds, restarts for the next user. Each new experience begins with a fresh opportunity to uniquely express your brand story.

Case Study Highlight: Sutherland Law Firm

GOAL: Create a budget conscious immersive experience that wows attendees and drives booth traffic.

EVENT: Trade show – San Francisco, CA

Dita Barker - SutherlandSutherland VR Experience


  • Promote brand awareness in an interesting way
  • Create memorable experiences to strengthen sales leads
  • Ensure users become immersed in the brand story


Foundry 45 is The Business VR Leader. We create immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for mobile platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, iOS Cardboard Headsets, Android Cardboard Headsets. Foundry 45 helps businesses step into their brand story by using dynamic 360-degree video and VR app creation. Our marketing and recruiting approach captures customer experience desires and emphasize product value. We also partner with existing video production studios, advertising agencies, and other content creators to serve as their VR technical consultants and developer shop.

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