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Foundry 45 Services: Choose Your Own Adventure

Nowadays, businesses are capitalizing on interactive VR experiences by using what’s known as a branching narrative: a structure that allows viewers to navigate through the experience on their own. We at Foundry 45 provide these type of “Choose Your Own Adventure” Experiences in order to further engage any user who dons the VR headset. For these experiences, we create fully customizable, immersive VR applications that provide several choices and ways to appreciate the content. Anything you dream can be developed so let your imagination run wild!


Samsung GearVR

What does the service look like for your company?

Unlike our Linear VR Experiences, branching narratives shift the decision making to the users who get to decide how to navigate the experience. It’s a great way to strategically illustrate multiple value propositions for your brand. “Choose Your Own Adventure” Experiences can include several different types of content for multiple platform options such as:

  • Content
    360 degree video, 360 degree still photography, fully computer rendered environments, 2D videos,  motion graphics, and more.
  • Platforms
    HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, and Google Cardboard for iPhones and Android devices.
ProBrew, a Chicago-based Brewery

ProBrew, a Chicago-based Brewery

Sample Choose Your Own Adventure Experience:

  • Start Scene
    Experiences can begin in a dark, 360 degree environment with your brand’s logo, and a “look here” button every 120 degrees that the user can select using a gaze-based selection tool to start the experience.
  • Introduction Scene
    The introduction will often be a dynamic 360 degree video that sets the stage for the overall experience. It should serve to welcome the user and will also usually include a professional voiceover track.
  • Home Scene
    The Home Scene is generally a high resolution 360 degree still photograph or 360 degree video loop. In this scene, the user will have an option to select one of three choices in the environment by focusing their gaze on one of three items (e.g. glowing outline around physical objects, spinning brand logos, title verbiage in the space, etc.). Selecting each option will take the viewer to one of the three Value Proposition scenes.
  • Value Proposition Scenes
    The purpose of these scenes is to give more information about the three highlighted items in the home scene. These are typically 360 degree videos that last 20 -30 seconds. They can include items like graphical pop-ups with bullet-pointed information in scene or existing 2D videos that can be placed in the space. At the end of this scene, the viewer will be transported back to the Home Scene, and the voice over will instruct them to choose one of the other two options or select an exit door to end the experience.
  • Conclusion
    When the user finishes the experience, it resets back to the initial start scene for another person to view.

Experience the Branching Narrative for Yourself

ProBrew Virtual Reality

ProBrewThis is a pretty straightforward example of our “choose your own adventure” work set in a Chicago-based brewery. It also includes graphical pop-up and 2D video elements. You can download it from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

“Having people know what it’s like to visit at our brewery has really made an impact! There’s no quicker way to take them there than this experience.”

Southern States

Southern States Virtual Reality


This experience is a little more custom and shows how Foundry 45 can add some allure to an industrial product line. There are also motion graphics and other animated elements. You can download it from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

“Foundry 45 really laid out all our information in this experience well! Great investment.”


Foundry 45 is The Business VR Leader. We create immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for mobile platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, iOS Cardboard Headsets, Android Cardboard Headsets. Foundry 45 helps businesses step into their brand story by using dynamic 360-degree video and VR app creation. Our marketing and recruiting approach captures customer experience desires and emphasize product value. We also partner with existing video production studios, advertising agencies, and other content creators to serve as their VR technical consultants and developer shop.

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