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Five Things We Learned at Moxie’s FutureX Live Conference

This past Thursday at the sold-out Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia, Foundry 45 participated in the second FutureX Live conference, organized by Moxie Marketing. This year’s conference, aptly themed “Engineered Consciousness”, brought together the brightest thought leaders in virtual reality, neuro-stimulation, and brain-machine interfaces to show where we are with current technologies, and how we might architect our technological future.

Our very own Dave Beck took to the stage as part of the Atlanta Alternate Realities Showcase, showing how Foundry 45 deploys virtual reality for brand activation. He also emphasized the important benefits of VR for corporate training.

There were a lot of great sessions at the event, and we’d like to share some of our favorite moments.


1. Experience Simulation is Powerful

Dr. Helen Papagiannis (author of “Augmented Human: How Technology is Shaping the New Reality”) and Dr. Sun Joo (Grace) Ahn (University of Georgia) discussed the exciting applications of AR and VR for sense perception and experience simulation. “We’re not designing experiences anymore,” Dr. Papagiannis remarked, “we’re now designing memories.”

2. Alternate Reality Technologies Can Transport Us

Jonathan Strickland, video host at HowStuffWorks, added in his talk about Alternate Reality Technology: “AR can bring to us worlds that never existed and worlds that are long gone.”

3. We are Moving Beyond Conventional Storytelling

Experiential immersion also guided a panel discussion on the future of marketing. Cathy Hackl from XR Marketing beautifully summarized the future of marketing through VR in the following way: “We are moving from storytelling to story-living and story-doing.

4. The Future Must be Architected in Responsible Ways

While augmented, mixed, and virtual reality technologies offer exciting new and transformative avenues for the future of humanity, the invited speakers also stressed the importance of architecting that future in responsible ways. For example, John Rich, Vice President of Future Experiences at Moxie, remarked: “What if we like our virtual realities better than our real realities?” Or, what if augmented realities become too ubiquitous and pervasive? For example, check out Keiichi Matsuda’s provocative 2016 video, “Hyper-Reality,” which depicts a dystopian future in which augmented reality content has run amok.

5. Humans and Computers Will Continue to get Closer

In his keynote address, Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and famed futurist, talked about the exciting history and convergence of human cognition and data-driven augmentation. “In the future,” Dr. Kaku professed, “you will be able to design things with your brain. We will interface with computers mentally.”

Showcasing our latest VR training experience

Aside from a great day of panels, discussions, and presentations, Moxie’s FutureXPO featured the latest achievements in virtual and augmented reality. At the Foundry 45 exhibition booth, conference attendees had the unique opportunity to try out our latest training experience, in which users learn how to disassemble and reassemble an industrial pump within a full-scale immersive environment.

Foundry 45 VR training demonstration

Foundry 45’s Scott Driscoll gives the CBS46 News Team a VR training demonstration at FutureXPO

Overall, Moxie put together a truly wonderful conference this year, and we are happy to have been part of it!

To learn more, check out this news story on CBS46!

Top image – Foundry 45’s Dave Beck presenting at FutureX Live, Photo credit: Dan Smigrod


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