Analytics for VR Training

Benefits of Analytics for VR Training

Today, data is king. Using proper analytics, you can turn heaps of information into actionable insights that reduce cost, increase productivity, and strengthen an entire organization. But analytics can also be used to strengthen a Virtual Reality Training solution. So what’s to be gained when you start tracking data?

Trainee-Centered Iteration

Virtual Reality training is already known to increase learning retention with its fully immersive environment, but when you gain the ability to see what your trainees are doing in the experience you can define what’s working and what isn’t. With analytics, you can find these holes in your training experience and plug them up with valuable iterations within weeks.

Predicting Behavior

There are many critical moments in a training experience where everything clicks and the trainee fully understands how to take these skills onto the field. But if it’s not working, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what people are or aren’t getting. With analytics, you can look at usage data to see what sections of your experience are clicking, and what are being missed.

Once you’ve done this enough, you’ll start learning how people interact with the training experience and can create actionable design decisions to support how people have reacted in the past. Is a section of your training experience particularly engaging? Consider incorporating more of that in your less focused module.

Measure Success

While it’s rare at Foundry 45, VR experiences can face multiple issues throughout development and even after deployment. Tracking issues across multiple devices online allows issues to be identified quicker, and in turn fixed faster. Crashes happening often in specific segments can be defined, fixed, and updated in a matter of days.

Once you track how Virtual experiences are being used on the field, it’s easy to identify how your training is actively helping reach training goals. This not only can help buy-in for future projects, but it allows you to see what specifically works at your organization.

Track ROI

Possibly the most important aspect of any Virtual Reality solution: how is it saving me money? With Analytics you can directly see how your investment has saved your company time and money all while increasing engagement and retention. You are able to track time spent on the app across your organization and compare it directly with past methods. Getting an insight into both the amount of time training and the retention it’s causing is how you’ll balance the perfect VR Training Solution, and we’re here to make that a reality.

Closing Thoughts

Working with this much data can be daunting, and we know at the end of the day what matters is the bottom line. Foundry 45’s Analytics Dashboard is designed in a way where you don’t need to sweat the details. You’re an expert on training, we’ve got you covered in taking full advantage of this technology to reimagine your L&D. Discover more about our analytics dashboard below.

Foundry 45’s VR Training Platform Analytics