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VR Training Lab Setup & Troubleshooting Guide for HTC Vive Headsets

This guide will explain how to set up the Vive and troubleshoot common errors while deploying VR training at the enterprise level. We’ll also include tips we’ve learned after setting up the Vive hundreds of times, introducing thousands of people to VR. And if this guide doesn’t solve your problem, Vive support is generally phenomenal […]

360 Video Meetup Workshop

Our lead developer, Scott Driscoll, gave a presentation / workshop at Atlanta’s VR Meetup this month. It gave an overview of 360 cameras, talked about various issues in recording 360 (parallax, resolution, battery, overheating, stabilization, 3d vs mono), and how to distribute 360 content. There was also a panel with Peter Stolmeier of Futurus, Drew Pearson of […]

Virtual Reality for Recruiting

Many colleges and some companies are starting to turn to Virtual Reality to help recruit new students, athletes and employees. Virtual Reality (VR) lets prospects feel what it’s like to be on-location through a VR Viewer. By sharing their world through VR, brands not only get to be associated with high-tech new technology, but also get […]