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Foundry 45 Services: Choose Your Own Adventure

Nowadays, businesses are capitalizing on interactive VR experiences by using what’s known as a branching narrative: a structure that allows viewers to navigate through the experience on their own. We at Foundry 45 provide these type of “Choose Your Own Adventure” Experiences in order to further engage any user who dons the VR headset. For […]

Atlanta Tech Edge Show talks VR with GT Head Coach Josh Pastner and Foundry 45

Link to Atlanta Tech Edge Interview The longstanding relationship between Foundry 45 and Georgia Tech formed when Managing Partner Dave Beck received a phone call from the university offering ticket packages for upcoming football games. At the end of the conversation, Beck took the opportunity to ask Georgia Tech if they had ever thought of using virtual reality […]

What Did We Learn About VR at SXSW 2017?

Recently, Foundry 45 helped the Metro Atlanta Chamber and the ChooseATL team showcase Atlanta through a Virtual Reality experience at the SXSW Job Market Expo in Austin, Texas. We used our trade show VR experience skills to build the Chamber an Atlanta VR Experience that showed what it’s like to Live, Work, and Play in the great city of […]

VRDayATL spawns VR Action for 2017

Bringing the virtual to reality, VRDayATL features Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality professionals and agencies sharing how the expanding VR category will scale, impact and generate revenue this year. Foundry 45 is building momentum and taking the groundbreaking ideas of the conference to develop new and exciting VR experiences. As the Business VR Leader, Foundry […]

Foundry 45 Services: Linear VR Experiences

The Linear VR service creates custom stories and custom videos filmed on site to produce a powerfully immersive experience. This is different from Light Customization since the entire virtual reality production is fully developed branded content. Linear VR is great for pinpointing a specific target customer. This service showcases the essence of your brand by […]

Foundry 45 Services: Light Customization VR

Foundry 45 provides immersive services to create a stress-free and extremely exciting Virtual Reality (VR) experience. We understand VR is limitless which can be tough when defining a project’s direction. Foundry 45 focuses on three immersive experiences: Light Customization, Linear VR and Choose Your Own Adventure. Take a journey through our first experience tier. Light Customization constructs custom […]

The Fastest and Most Helpful VR Webinar

Great to catch up with Tim Patterson from Tradeshow Guy about Virtual Reality (VR) opportunities for trade show events. Here, we break down the many uses of virtual reality that any company can use to create an immersive brand experience. We first dive into the types of VR, content creation, and finally the ROI from a 360-degree experience. Read the […]