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Training Magazine Webinar Recap

As part of our public outreach program, Foundry 45 regularly presents on topics that matter to the business community. We recently had the opportunity to share our knowledge of VR education in a webinar presented by Training Magazine Network. Founding Partner Dave Beck shared new insights on VR training with a focus on methods for […]

Why Businesses Need Virtual Reality Training

Businesses in every industry benefit from having their employees participate in specialized training programs. After all, prepared employees are valuable assets and experiential learning through virtual reality training can develop those assets like nothing else can.   So, what exactly IS experiential learning?   Experiential learning is learning by doing: instead of reading a book […]

Learning Gets A Dose Of Reality

(As Appeared in Training Magazine) Virtual and augmented reality technology has the unmatched ability to simulate the work challenges you are training employees to handle. The question is how to decide which technologies are right for your learners, and how to roll the programs out to them. Training employees to manage challenging work situations, in […]

Room-Scale VR Buying Guide

The equipment needed for Room-scale VR (being able to walk around, pick up and use items, and generally physically interact with the world) costs $1500 to $5k (plus tax)* depending on the level of graphics needed, portability, travel cases, and commercial warranty coverage. *Note: We’ll try to keep this article updated, but prices are likely […]

The Real Excitement Behind VR in Ready Player One

Recently, millions of people flocked to see one of their favorite books translated on the big screen. While the movie version of Ready Player One deviated from Ernest Cline’s original novel, the film definitively conveyed an optimistic vision for ultimate immersion with Virtual Reality. After watching the film, most will agree, VR has an endless […]

SXSW 2018 360 Recap!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 31 years since SXSW started! The Conference, best known for bringing together some of the greatest minds in the music, film, and interactive industries was once again amazing, as people from all over the world touched down in Austin, TX from March 9-18, 2018. The Foundry 45 team […]