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Foundry 45 Services: Linear VR Experiences

The Linear VR service creates custom stories and custom videos filmed on site to produce a powerfully immersive experience. This is different from Light Customization since the entire virtual reality production is fully developed branded content. Linear VR is great for pinpointing a specific target customer. This service showcases the essence of your brand by […]

Foundry 45 Services: Light Customization VR

Foundry 45 provides immersive services to create a stress-free and extremely exciting Virtual Reality (VR) experience. We understand VR is limitless which can be tough when defining a project’s direction. Foundry 45 focuses on three immersive experiences: Light Customization, Linear VR and Choose Your Own Adventure. Take a journey through our first experience tier. Light Customization constructs custom […]

The Fastest and Most Helpful VR Webinar

Great to catch up with Tim Patterson from Tradeshow Guy about Virtual Reality (VR) opportunities for trade show events. Here, we break down the many uses of virtual reality that any company can use to create an immersive brand experience. We first dive into the types of VR, content creation, and finally the ROI from a 360-degree experience. Read the […]

Becoming a VR Master: Recording

The art of recording in 360, and using that footage to create your own Virtual Reality experience is a practice that any private, professional, or interested videographer is capable of. Period. Seizing the opportunity now to learn this straightforward process will expose you to this burgeoning community, give you familiarity with this new creative format […]

The Potential of VR Marketing

The Future is Coming Unless you’ve been living under The Rock for the past decade or so, I’m not going to be the first person to make you realize that digital technology has been rapidly evolving since it was created. Even someone with a terrible short-term memory can point to a common USB drive today, […]

How to Take Screenshots in Gear VR

What good is revolutionary technology if you can’t show it off to your friends? As kindergarten taught me, the more you share your new toy, the more fun you’ll have with it. So if you’ve recently purchased a cutting-edge Gear VR headset, you too may wish to share your experience by capturing screenshots to distribute […]

Trade Show VR Best Practices

So it looks like you’ve made the right decision to use a Virtual Reality Experience to enhance your upcoming trade show event. Prepare to be the talk of the town! By taking on this new storytelling format, you’ve effectively swallowed the red pill, and through this rabbit hole, you will discover several amazing opportunities not […]