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FOUNDRY 45s – S04 – Recap

  Recap of Where We Are Hello and happy 2022 A lots happened since we started this blog series a couple of years ago. But one thing that hasn’t changed is people’s desire for valuable information delivered in short, easy-to-digest formats. And that’s what we do here at Foundry 45s. Just finished season four, and […]

FOUNDRY 45s – S04E13 – James Watson

  XRTech Marketing Hi welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we have James Watson, founder of XRTech Marketing, and Guru of all things immersive. Hey, James, great to have you here. Do you feel that end users really understand the value of VR? I don’t and I think a big part of the reason for that […]

FOUNDRY 45s – S04E12 – Don Taylor

  Penn State Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we’re excited to have Don Taylor, chair at the Learning Technologies Conference. Hey, Don, what’s a common misconception about using VR for training? Dave, I’m going to give you not one but three misconceptions in 45 seconds. The first is that it’s technically complicated. It’s not […]

FOUNDRY 45s – S04E11 – Dr Kit Martin

  Penn State Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we’re excited to have Dr. Kit Martin from Penn State University. Hey Kit, why is VR so uniquely effective for learning? Hi, Dave, thanks for asking it’s a really great question. Immersion leads to deeper understanding. It’s like Papert, the MIT professor of Media said, if […]

FOUNDRY 45s – S04E10 – Samantha Kitover

  Amazon Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we have Samantha Kitover, Product Manager from Amazon. Hey, Samantha, what’s the best use you see for VR in corporate training? For corporate training, I see VR being used for micro learnings. Five to 15-minute sessions where we can be immersive with our colleagues or an environment […]

FOUNDRY 45s – S04E09 – Elizabeth Strickler

  GSU Hi, welcome to Foundry 45s. Today we’re excited to have Elizabeth Strickler Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation at GSU and expert on all things metaverse. Hey Elizabeth, is all the current hype about the metaverse warranted, and why should we care? Yeah, you know, I mean, I think it’s like saying was […]