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Upskilling and Reskilling Via Virtual Reality

As we start to move (ever so slowly) out from under the shadow of COVID-19, upskilling and reskilling employees are top of mind for learning and development professionals, according to the L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021. Of more than 3,000 people from 95 countries who responded to the question, “What will be hot in workplace […]

Alphabet Soup: Your A-Z Glossary of VR Terms

Virtual reality (VR) technology has transcended its video-gaming past and emerged as a proven and beneficial tool in the enterprise space. Fortune 1000s are increasingly adopting VR to enhance corporate training, better connect with customers, and elevate how they prototype new products. It’s no wonder the VR market is valued at $18.18B, and as the […]

On A Fact-Finding Mission With ‘The Understander’

Analyst Benjamin Gross has been working at Foundry 45 for almost a year now. His position is informally called “The Understander” as it is his role to look through project documents from our clients and understand how everything works. That’s just a piece in our process for building successful VR Training programs. In today’s Who’s […]

Deploying Enterprise VR Training Made Easy

As an enterprise company, it’s hard to ignore the many benefits of virtual reality training. After all, benefits like improved speed to competency, reduced training costs, and increased safety are attractive and compelling training outcomes.

Interview: L&D Trade Secrets for Successful Training Programs

Start listening … From picking the right training format to tracking the right metrics, a lot of ingredients go into your employee training program. Whether you decided to use a new learning method like VR training or a more traditional approach such as a classroom setting or video, it takes a lot to get it […]

Foundry 45’s Ejaz Merchant Keeps You Bug Free

Ejaz Merchant has worn many different hats throughout his past year and a half here at Foundry 45. Currently, he is a QA developer. He ensures the training experiences we create for our client partners are bug-free and ready for implementation. An interesting fact about Ejaz is that he originally went to school for hospitality […]

Key Measurements to Determine VR Training Success

Companies are increasingly turning to virtual reality training to equip employees with the skill sets needed to be effective in their respective roles. That’s because VR training provides organizations with multiple benefits like increased employee productivity, retention, and engagement. Yet proving the efficacy of VR training is still a top concern for learning and development […]