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Embodied Cognition: Thinking with Your Whole Body

As human beings, we are always learning. Every day our brains process and store new information learned from experiences that can be used to further direct our lives. But despite what you may think, it’s not just your brain doing the thinking. The theory of embodied cognition states that your entire body is involved in […]

Foundry 45 at FutureX Live

What’s one day long and ten years ahead? Moxie’s FutureX Live, of course! Foundry 45 had a jam-packed day at the conference for “The Next 10” last Tuesday. We were ecstatic to be placed alongside other pioneering groups at FutureXPO, the conference’s demonstration area, where we exhibited some of our latest virtual reality experiences for […]

Edutainment in VR: The Best of Both Worlds

Today, people are more aware of virtual reality than ever before. This emerging technology is all over the news and social media. Until now, much of this coverage has been focused on the VR video game industry, which is just one application for virtual reality. At Foundry 45, we build fun experiences with a purpose. […]

Why Businesses Need Virtual Reality Training

Businesses in every industry benefit from having their employees participate in specialized training programs. After all, prepared employees are valuable assets and experiential learning through virtual reality training can develop those assets like nothing else can. So, what exactly IS experiential learning? Experiential learning is learning by doing: instead of reading a book or watching […]

The Real Difference Between VR Training & VR Education

In today’s business environment, employee development is more important than ever, and Virtual Reality (VR) has become a powerful tool for training and educating employees. The terms “VR Training” and “VR Education” are similar and are often used interchangeably. There is certainly some overlap, but they are not the same thing. So, what’s the difference […]