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Atlanta Tech Edge Show talks VR with GT Head Coach Josh Pastner and Foundry 45

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Scott Driscoll – Foundry 45

The longstanding relationship between Foundry 45 and Georgia Tech formed when Managing Partner Dave Beck received a phone call from the university offering ticket packages for upcoming football games. At the end of the conversation, Beck took the opportunity to ask Georgia Tech if they had ever thought of using virtual reality to reach people interested in season tickets. The university, intrigued by the idea, decided to took advantage of Foundry 45’s emerging VR technology! Foundry 45 and Georgia Tech never looked back! Beck highlights the company’s list of projects with Georgia Tech.

We’ve not only worked with the Men’s Basketball team, but we’ve also built experiences for the Football team, the Women’s basketball team, and on the academic side, we’ve worked with the College of Management and the College of Computing.

Specifically, Foundry 45 worked closely with Georgia Tech Head Coach Josh Pastner to capture the best game-day experience through VR. In the Atlanta Tech Edge interview, ACC Coach of the Year Josh Pastner elaborates on his time working with Foundry 45 over their great season.

“They’re as good as it gets. Their quality of work, attention to detail, customer service. They’re the best and allowed us to be innovative in what we do. Because for us, we’re dealing with 16, 17, and 18-year-olds. It is about social media and about being futuristic. We are Georgia Tech, Institute of Technology. We bring [Foundry 45’s] products with us all over the world when we are recruiting.”

Host Cara Kneer asks Coach Pastner what it’s like when showing prospective students or athletes the university through virtual reality.

“You’re moving your head and everything else. … I told my staff, we need to have on campus visits in their home. … [Foundry 45] allowed us to simulate an on-campus tour or being at our game or being in our locker room, while we’re sitting at their home 5,000 miles away from the campus.”

Foundry 45 is fortunate to continue working with so many great partners like Georgia Tech. The company thanks Atlanta Tech Edge Host Cara Kneer and Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball Head Coach Josh Pastner for a great discussion about virtual reality crafting the grand story.


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