HTC Vive Travel Packing Guide

Over the last year, we’ve had the opportunity to take VR all over the world on 50+ trips, from the US, to all throughout Europe and India. Here’s how we travel!

For domestic trips, we generally just take one Vive Setup and a backup base station (contains moving parts, most likely to die). For international, we generally take two full setups, including two laptops and two complete Vive kits.

If you’re just taking one kit, all this stuff fits in a single Pelican case and even ends up under the 50 lb weight limit on most airlines!

  • Vive Pro Starter Kit ($1098)
    • Commercial use warranty ($200 – $300)
    • Includes: link box, 2 base stations, 3 power adapters, micro usb charging cables, controllers, headset, USB 3.0 cable, lens cloth, Display Port to mini-DP cable.
  • Tripods ($46)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Travel Case ($428) – Pelican Air 1615 with Trekpak dividers
  • See our VR Room Scale Buying Guide for info on recommended computers

If we’re taking two Vive kits, we’ll either take 2 Pelican cases, or just 1, and put some of the cables in a suitcase. We can fit everything on this table into a single case (except for one of the laptops and 2 laptop power supplies). And thanks to the lightweight pelican Air case, all this is still barely just 50 lbs.

*Tip: for packing safety, we pack everything up, take it to an empty room and test it, and then pack again. As long as everything is back in the case, all is good!

And if this isn’t enough, I also want to point out this amazing looking $10k VR-in-a-box kit that lets you setup in 5 minutes, complete with battery power for everything. While that looks wonderful, keep in mind there’s risk going with something so custom, as new technology might not fit (Vive Pro headset is bigger, and new controllers are coming… someday…)

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