virtual reality experience case study

Southern States Event Marketing Experience

Southern States took the burden off their trade show hosts by letting a VR application effectively teach their visitors about their products.

The quality name in high voltage switching, Southern States LLC, switched their game up at 2016 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition in Dallas, Texas with the help of Foundry 45’s exciting virtual reality experience. Through Gear VR and Cardboard headsets, visitors were teleported to a Wind Farm in Texas, substation in Atlanta, and inside the factory floor at Southern States' headquarters. The experience taught showgoers about Southern States' history of innovation by seeing products in real-world applications and meeting the engineering staff face-to-face.

The app begins with generated graphics featuring a tiger, sparks, and 3D fly-through text which start off any new VR viewers first 360 experience with a bang.

Following the introduction, a 360 timeline emerges that showcases Southern States' 100 year history of innovation. Highlights include some of the first patents, equipment used in one of the world's largest dams, and recent product releases.

Because Southern States' engineering prowess differentiates them from their competition, the next scene introduces the viewer to the numerous engineers behind Southern States' innovation. Afterwards, viewers can choose among the three in-depth, educational sections: new security-focused products, renewable energy, or power restoration. The "choose-your-own-adventure" structure allowed viewers to cater their experience towards their specific interests.

The app also includes several 2D videos and graphics from Southern States' existing marketing catalog floating above actual products. The addition of already established brand marketing enabled Foundry 45 to  provide a cost effective experience while still covering a wide array of products. In addition to the app framework, Foundry 45 also captured 360 photos and video at various locations around the country.

The Gear VR app is coupled with a custom branded cardboard app for iPhone and Android that enabled distributors to show it on the road. Custom branded cardboard was also made to provide an effective giveaway at the trade show and also customer visits. The experience was featured in the IEEE best-of-show website.


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