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ProBrew Craft Brewing Trade Show

Probrew gained the upperhand with their trade show booth by shedding tradition, and saving money with their new VR application at no cost to engagement.

Whoever had to compete for attention against ProBrew’s captivating trade show booth at the Craft Brewing Show in Philadelphia probably referred to the competition as “brew-tal.” In order to showcase their technology to booth visitors, the business approached Foundry 45  to create a Virtual Reality app that transports any user to a brewery to witness all the complex machinery in action. Any verbal description of ProBrew’s technology pales in comparison to experiencing the sights and sounds of the Like Minds Brewing Company in Chicago with the help of Foundry 45’s application. Rather than exhausting effort trying to verbally introduce their product, ProBrew guaranteed they could attract, engage, and impact anyone attending the convention thanks to this VR experience.

ProBrew reaped numerous benefits by investing in a Virtual Reality experience for this trade show rather than follow suit with the rest of the booth hosts. A common practice among brewers at the convention was shipping incredibly large and expensive brewing machines to the show. Though costs of transportation, potential damages, and labor are all very high, hosts have established it as somewhat of a trade show tradition. Thanks to Foundry 45, ProBrew was able to shed the burden of this cumbersome practice, and use a new medium of communication to bring their equipment to life in the middle of the trade show floor. The experience not only allowed ProBrew to engage each visitor at the show in a unique way, but also in a much more price and labor efficient manner. After covering the cost of purchasing their own VR equipment and application, they can show the same application at several different trade shows without continual investment. In comparison, shipping their large brewing technology around the country will cost money at every step. Now ProBrew is able to provide engaging booth experiences at numerous events without those costs, realizing the full potential of VR technology. If you see ProBrew at an upcoming trade show event, know something special is brewing!

Foundry 45 knew when developing this app that a solid combination of authentic brewery atmosphere coupled with smooth voiceover narration would be crucial to engage viewers. By effectively placing the viewer in the midst of the brewing process at several points, the environment serves to simultaneously wow and educate anyone who experiences it. A voiceover narration guides viewers through experience and elaborates on the workings of the brewing technology, giving them a better understand what ProBrew does. To help the viewer get to know ProBrew, Foundry 45 segmented the experience by isolating three noteworthy technologies: Centrifugal Pump Filling machines, the Centrifugal Clarifier, and Brewhouses with the Pneumatic Butterfly Wave.

A visually stunning painting on the wall of Like Minds Brewery accompanied by workers bustling about greet the viewer at the start of the experience. After a brief summary of ProBrew’s business and the technology they develop, the viewer migrates to a view of the three mechanisms featured in the application. The Pneumatic Butterfly Wave section transports the viewer to the large brewhouse tanks to teach them about the many customizable brewhouses available from ProBrew as well as how all their products are manufactured domestically. The Centrifugal Pump Filling machine section details the specs of the ProBrew 50 bottling machine operated by Like Minds Brewery. While the user watches the machine in action, the narrator lists attributes of the machine such as the stainless steel construction, the bottling rate of 50 bottles per minute, and the quick change bottle handling and height adjustment features. The final section covers the Centrifugal Clarifier, which includes an infographic to display the nuances of the complex technology and narration about the operational efficiency and superior performance of ProBrew’s product. 

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