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GT Football Athletic Recruiting

Foundry 45’s immersive recruiting application enables Georgia Tech to captivate prospective student athletes without the investments required of other methods.

Report by Zach Klein, WSB-TV, Feb. 2, 2016

Georgia Tech’s new immersive recruiting experience has prospective Yellow Jackets football athletes nationwide seeing what all the buzz is about. The college recruitment environment has never been more competitive, and to gain the cutting edge, Tech enlisted the help of Foundry 45 to develop a virtual reality application that teleports the viewer to the dorm rooms, high tech classrooms, world-class practice facilities, and right onto Tech's football field. In fact, viewers get to witness one of the greatest game endings in Georgia Tech football history from the sideline!

Foundry 45's very own Dave Beck recording the game for use in the experience!

The project was especially rewarding for Foundry 45 as the entire office has at least one degree from Georgia Tech. Thanks to the Immersive Recruiting Experience, Georgia Tech can demonstrate its enjoyable campus life as well as its familiarity with groundbreaking technology to incoming students. Foundry 45 knew their ability to plunge their viewers into highly stimulating virtual environments would be of great use when Georgia Tech asked them to create this experience. High school recruits have limited visitations and time on campus, so the ability to show a dorm room and classroom without walking across campus is especially valuable.  Coaches visiting recruits at their high schools can give a campus tour hundreds of miles away from Atlanta.

When Foundry 45 luckily recorded Georgia Tech’s best game of 2015 against Florida State for their VR experience, they knew they were creating something special. Having an interested recruit slip on a headset to witness Lance Austin’s Field Goal Return for a Touchdown deemed the “Miracle on Techwood Drive” will assuredly leave a lasting impression. To help deliver a smooth experience to any user Foundry 45 segmented this experience into five distinct sections: Preparing, Playing, Training, Living, Learning.

The preliminary “Preparing” portion of the experience places the viewer among the throes of students waiting outside of Bobby Dodd Stadium before the big FSU game. The user then proceeds to the “Playing” segment where we witness the football team tear through their banner at the game’s opening, obtain a vital mid-game interception, and return the coveted game-winning touchdown. Witnessing these events from the sideline coupled with hearing the explosive commentary enables unparalleled immersion available with incredible convenience. Following the crazy postgame antics, the remainder of the experience focuses on delivering information to the user about all the assets Georgia Tech offers to its student body. The “Training” portion covers all the training facilities available to student-athletes. “Living” transports the user to several typical student dorm environments as the announcer boasts about GA Tech’s amenities. Finally, the “Learning” section solidifies that enrollment at Georgia Tech will prove to be a solid investment in one’s academic as well as athletic future.

The response to Foundry 45’s Immersive Recruiting Experience for Georgia Tech was overwhelming, especially from the students. As a result of Foundry 45’s application, Georgia Tech has been able to use this platform to give prospective athletes as well as their family’s complete campus tours within minutes. Lance Austin, the player who won the game against FSU, regarded the experience as “a next level thing as far as recruiting.” The experience delivers a point of view of GT’s campus that will never be available through any other means, and the autonomous control that the app allows for enables an unprecedented level of convenience.  Because Foundry 45 created this application for Georgia Tech, prospective athletic recruits nationwide can be given a taste of the campus no matter where they are. This clever use of burgeoning VR technology actually caught the attention of a local Atlanta news station who recorded a news report to document the advancement of recruiting strategies. If all goes according to plan, this new recruiting technique should have future Yellow Jackets swarming to Tech’s campus.

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