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Continental Building Products Trade Show Experience

By taking advantage of VR technology, Continental Building Products stood out among competitors with their innovative booth experience.

Continental Building Products (CBP) guaranteed that the subject of drywall was anything but dry during their last trade show appearance at the 2016 Intex Show in New Orleans. A Virtual Reality experience provided by Foundry 45 gave customers a first-hand view of CBP’s renowned Rapid Deco® Level 5 System being installed in a real job site. Customers were able to see the quality, ease of installation and time savings in person. In addition to showcasing the product’s edge over the competition, the Virtual Reality experience also helped draw people into the booth.

What Foundry 45 strived to offer with the development of this virtual reality application was the ability to transport the booth’s visitor to the job site in order to display each step in the tenuous construction process. Avoiding the typical trade show tropes, Foundry 45 enabled Continental Building Products to show rather than tell each step of their Rapid Deco® process. After a brief introduction, Foundry 45 divides the experience into three succinct portions: Hanging Rapid Deco Drywall, Finishing with Rapid Deco Joint Compound, and the Finished Product.

In the first portion, we watch a worker carry over a slate of drywall as the narrator details the time saving abilities of Rapid Deco®’s drywall hanging process as well as its economic and environmental benefits (the drywall material consists of 99% recycled content!). The viewer can then choose to progress to the Joint Compound section afterwards where we see a worker applying the compound to the joints of a drywall. The narrator continues to detail how the compound is easy to apply and designed to be paired with the shade of Rapid Deco drywall to guaranteed a “museum quality finish” to the final product. After witnessing both of these steps, the viewer should be eagerly awaiting the finished drywall. The final section displays the anticipated finished product while the narrator provides a mission statement from Continental Building Products.

The results of Foundry 45’s hard work were immediately experienced by Continental Building Products at their trade show booth. According to Robbe Pearson, Senior Director of Marketing and Commercial Performance from CBP, “Our VR station proved to be a huge hit. It was a fun way for show goers to learn about Rapid Deco without having to physically travel to a site.” The cutting-edge nature of the virtual reality headsets also attracted hordes of booth visitors as many attendees eagerly documented this application as their first VR experience. The special care taken by Foundry 45 staff to focus on both visual and auditory elements of the virtual reality experience provided a professional level of immersion for those interested in CBP’s product. Continental Building Products accomplished their goals of increasing booth traffic, communicating their product’s advantages in both quality and time efficiency, and improving the quality of leads for their sales funnel. There was nothing but wall-to-wall excitement for the group at this trade show!

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