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BetterCloud Corporate Recruiting

For BetterCloud, having potential employees visit the office place has never been easier as a result of Foundry 45’s VR application designed for recruitment.

When it comes to using Virtual Reality to recruit new employees, most companies have their head in the clouds. Because of all the challenges already involved with finding talent, most firms avoid experimentation and are reluctant to go against the grain. Fortunately, trendsetters such as BetterCloud have recognized the recruiting potential of up and coming VR technology. After BetterCloud enlisted the help of Foundry 45, they created an immersive app for any smart phone that allows potential employees to experience what working at BetterCloud is like first hand.

BetterCloud’s first interest in Virtual Reality recruitment emerged as a result of the confidence in their workplace environment. They knew the more people who could experience their office’s ambience and positive culture, the more people would be drawn to apply. Opting to use new VR technology over office tours, BetterCloud took to recording their own 360 video, and submitted the footage to Foundry 45 for distribution purposes. Foundry 45’s goal for BetterCloud was to create an application that would translate the office’s vibes from the video into a cohesive, user-friendly VR experience. By allowing users to virtually interact with actual employees, sit at a work desk, look around the office, and watch a game of darts, the application creates a convenient and easily accessible medium for office recruitment.

The BetterCloud VR app starts up to display a menu with buttons that prompt options to start the VR tour and view the company’s job openings. Additional prompts for Credits and Company Contact exist at the bottom of the opening screen. The main menu, like all other facets of the application, was inherently designed with recruitment as its main focus. The tour, which is compatible with or without a Google Cardboard headset, kicks off by perching the viewer on top of a work desk surrounded by BetterCloud colleagues. Mike, sitting directly in the viewer’s initial sight line, leads the experience by introducing the viewer to several team members, detailing normal workday routines, and explaining the office’s layout. As opposed to other stilted PR recruiting attempts, Mike’s conversational tone invites the viewer to feel comfortable. Following Mike’s greeting, the viewer transports into Mike’s seat to experience the office from the point of view of a worker. The viewer then receives a description of each monitor, and typical employee responsibilities before being whisked away yet again to a game of darts. By concluding the experience with the visitor watching the employees play, laugh, and trade competitive banter, the viewer feels as though he is already part of the inclusive group.

BetterCloud has been very eager to track the effectiveness of the Virtual Reality experience created by Foundry 45. Their evaluations, including post-experience surveys and the development of a “conversion” rate, while still in process, indicate an improved ability to recruit. Their utilization of new tech added to their credibility as a technology firm, and though they recorded the footage themselves, outsourcing the creation of the app proved to be yet another beneficial decision according to Tim Burke, BetterCloud’s Director of IT. "We delivered the video, the icons, the copy, and user experience, and let the experts do the VR app on mobile," Burke said. Thanks to Foundry 45, BetterCloud can enable potential employees to experience their office on a smartphone within 2 minutes.

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