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AT&T Security Trade Show Experience

Thanks to our Virtual Reality app, AT&T was able to boost trade show engagement and attract viable sales leads.

In order to maintain their status as an industry leader, AT&T has always pursued ventures involving cutting-edge technology, and groundbreaking communication techniques. In this instance, the company’s progressive mindset drew them to Foundry 45 to create an engaging Virtual Reality experience for their presentation at the biggest annual industrial technology trade show on the globe: Hannover Messe. Rather than having their booth operators recite a conventional pitch about AT&T’s digital security capabilities, they transported their visitors to the Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) to experience first hand what it’s like to combat a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This VR application had a resounding impact on those who donned the headset, and proved to cement AT&T’s message into the heads of those who visited the booth.

Foundry 45 knew they would be among elite company at this trade show, but by sticking to the tried and true techniques they have established within their VR development, they ended up with an application that attracted hordes of visitors. Foundry 45 aimed to utilize the GNOC as a futuristic backdrop to narrativize how an AT&T engineer assists customers by notifying them of and eliminating a DDoS attack on their network. To allow the experience to feel more interactive, Foundry 45 included several moments which require user input by aiming the cursor and following the action to a different focal point. Inside the experience, Foundry 45 uses infographics to deliver background points; several flashy, calculating graphs; and floating, number-filled windows to establish a futuristic theme for the entire project. To accompany all the impressive visuals, Foundry 45 also features quality sound effects to complete the feeling of a digitized, high-tech atmosphere. 

At the start of the experience, the user stands overlooking the GNOC’s computer terminals while the narrator describes the content that will be present in the VR experience. The user then descends down to the nerve center of operation as the narrator begins briefing him or her on the modern state of digital security and data transmission. During this section, the user absorbs information vital to AT&T’s message in an interesting and engaging format. After the booth visitor understands the nature and frequency of DDoS attacks, he or she jumps into the process of detecting an attack on a customer. The viewer undergoes threat detection, customer notification and communication, as well as neutralization of the digital threat. The need for one to glance  about along with the plentiful artistic effects in the experience convince the senses of the authenticity of the virtual space.

The presence of Foundry 45’s virtual reality application at AT&T’s booth made a significantly positive impact on the overall trade show experience. The appeal of new technology drew a plethora of visitors which blew AT&T’s initial target number out of the water. Several testimonials assert that the efficacy of VR in terms of communication is unparalleled. While having a conversation or handing out merchandise are common trade show practices, the level of engagement permitted by VR attracts much more attention than any previously established routine. Visitors remembered AT&T’s message because of this experience which occupied their senses for around 2 minutes! At Foundry 45, we know we are doing something right if a communications company comes to us to help them share a message.

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