Experiencing the Future with

Virtual Reality & Artificial Intelligence

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Case Study: Putting Together Future Technologies for

BIG IMpact

The Goal: A national bank reached out wanting to create a banking experience of the future.

Our Solution: We created a Virtual Reality experience for Gear VR where customers could visit a futuristic bank and get help from an Artificially Intelligent assistant. Using api.ai's conversational user experience platform, customers could ask for financial advice in natural language. For example, "How am I doing on my retirement goals?" The robot would then provide an animated explanation of the customer's current progress, and when the customer would be able to retire. We also mocked up several examples of interactive advice, including conditions that might cause a low balance in the future, and suggesting ways to cut back on spending to save enough for an upcoming vacation. Overall, the experience painted an exciting vision for a future where a bank is more than a place to store money, but a valuable resource for personalized advice.

Why AI & VR?

Enhanced Interactivity

Services like api.ai are enabling advanced and natural interactions far beyond point and click interfaces. VR allows viewers to look around as if they were in the real world; AI allows them to speak and interact like in the real world.

Future Vision

AI and VR together provide a futuristic experience for customers. Imagine a new world where personal assistants give intelligent and personalized advice for every situation.